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KLB Group is the leading Purchasing and Supply Chain operational consultancy.

Vision :

Companies need to address three challenges : Focus their resources on their core business Reduce fixed costs Improve support function performance Additionally, support functions are becoming more professional and the experts of these functions must continuously develop their knowledge and skills to maintain their competitive edge.

Mission :

To optimize the support functions to contribute to the improvement of the operational performance of companies

Values :

Performance : measure and prove our added-value. Responsibility : commit to results, honour commitments, and acknowledge failures Innovation : maintain a competitive edge through methodology and technologies Service : act in the client interest upon all circumstances Mutual knowledge : capitalize and share expertise, information and know-how Ethics : be fair and think long term

KLB Group was founded in 1996 by Flavien Kulawik and Jean-Marc Le Breton. At the time, companies had to cut costs in light of the ensuing recession that had been impacting the Economy since 1993. The two founders discovered that there were no consulting services offered on the market to help companies reduce their purchasing expenditure. Hence their decision to develop this purchasing service expertise within this niche market'.

As recent graduates, they both lacked hands-on industrial experience to be fully credible consultants in this field. However, confident in their ability to deliver tangible results, they offered their first clients to be paid only on a percentage of the savings actually achieved.

Barely a year later, the first assignments were executed successfully and the first company employees were hired: the journey had begun.

Three years later, while the cost saving programmes offering enjoyed rapid growth for the company, Flavien and Jean-Marc identified a new opportunity in the Purchasing field. Companies in the market required highly skilled buyers in order to manage and deliver their projects. At that time, there were two major market trends to contend with: a scarcity in qualified, experienced resources, and; the reluctance of companies to commit to permanent employment so as to flexibly manage their employee-base for short-term projects. In order to help companies get the right resources at the right time and to offer diversified professional opportunities to purchasing professionals, KLB Group launched its Talent Services offering. The offering was completely new at that time for the purchasing industry. Today, this pioneering milestone makes KLB Group the leading service provider of its kind in the countries in which it operates.

As of the year 2000, KLB Group further developed its international strategy with offices in Germany, Spain and in the United Kingdom. Today, the company is an international group located not only in Europe but also in North America and Asia.

Since 2007, KLB Group has developed particular expertise in a complementary field : Logistics & Supply Chain Management. This new activity has strongly contributedto an increase in the overall company turnover.

In its two fields, KLB group is dedicated to apply the corporate values that have made its success up to now. These values are intrinsic in the company’s slogan-signature:

“Performance. Everyday”.

KLB Group helps its client’s everyday, on the ground, to perform better.


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