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The TOPS Partnership Group of Events, organised by Forum Events Ltd

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The Outsourcing Partnership is a portfolio of events specifically organised for the most senior professionals within the outsourcing industry.

TOP events are designed purposely to condense the extensive process of sourcing, reviewing, comparing and finding new solution providers of outsourcing services.

What makes TOP events different?

Our events are not exhibitions or conferences. There are no high profile speakers, and there is no hard sell. Instead, each attendee is treated as an individual, and as such their requirements will be unique. This is reflected in the personalised itineraries that will ensure maximum benefit is achieved from their time out of the office.

How it works:

Our Summits allow senior professionals to evaluate and discuss business requirements with relevant service providers in a series of face to face meetings.

Who should attend?

All the events within the group are aimed at the most senior level executives responsible for sourcing solutions on behalf of their organisation, and service providers who can offer innovative solutions to the most excellent standards.


Each Summit will combine face to face meetings with networking opportunities throughout the day. There is also the TOP Networking evening, which is an exclusive gathering of professionals in the industry.

Any questions?

Please contact Frances Lee on 01992 374070 or email f.lee@forumevents.co.uk

The Outsourcing Partnership Group of Events is a part of Forum Events

About Forum Events: 

Since 1996 we have pioneered a new way of doing business that is so much more effective than a normal exhibition. How? Because we match the interests of buyers and suppliers in advance; ensuring that people only meet those who have a genuine interest in each other's business.

As a result we are one of the UK's leading business-to-business event organisers, specialising in targeted events that connect like-minded buyers and suppliers. Some 250 Forums and Summits later (attended by over 7000 personally invited senior level buyers) we continue to add new Forums and Summits to our portfolio. We have group sales in excess of £4.5m and a staff of 75 experienced event organisers. (We've also picked up a few industry awards as well that recognise our success, including "Best Business Exhibition" at the annual AEO Awards).

We opened our US office in 2007 to launch our unique method of bringing buyers and sellers together, for 2013 they will be organising 12 Forums. To visit our USA list of events go to www.forumnetworkingevents.com

To find out more about how we can help you get a better ROI on your sales budget call us on 01992 374100 (GMT) or email: enquiries@forumevents.co.uk

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