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we.CONECT Global Leaders is an international B2B conference and seminar provider that is focused on the development and deployment of strategies, tactics and solutions to allow customers the maximum value in daily operations.

At the heart of everything we do is a basic trust in the power of the people with whom we work.

We care about our customers, our partners and our employees. This is our driving force and essential part of our work.

We invest our time, our knowledge and power in the development of a product that is far more than a conference. This philosophy requires a climate in which ideas can grow with your business and people, is being promoted in the open thinking and participation in the fresh, innovative approaches and new faces are always welcome.

In we.CONECT are the people and the intensive exchange of knowledge in the first place. If we add together the expertise of our staff in the areas of research, marketing, event organization behind we.CONECT more than 40 years experience. We believe that there is no substitute for interactive learning, exchanging ideas, knowledge and best practices. We just put our formats for interaction and help our customers achieve their individual goals. we.CONECT organized over 20 conferences per year premium with a focus on best practices of global market leaders and silent champions latest challenges, trends and technologies and discuss future developments on a unique networking platform.

We measure ourselves on high standards in the development of conferences, talk to reputable managers and executives and create unique live events.

We are constantly to be able to find new and innovative ways to design high-quality, market-focused events and provide as needed. If you have suggestions or would like to share your thoughts please on info@we-conect.com.

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Outsource Magazine Buy-side contributions sought for e-invoicing and procurement outsourcing articles: jamie.liddell@outsourcemagazine.co.uk
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