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Percepta is a Customer Experience organisation.  This means we help businesses understand the journey of their customers, integrate customer voice and make improvements to business practices.  Our key objectives are to improve customer loyalty & advocacy, increase customer purchase value / volume and ensure best-value for investment – even reduce operating cost.

We work with major global brands to build services around the customer journey that are customer centric, commercially designed and focussed on improving business.

Voice of Customer:
The key to good relationship building is knowing what and how people think about you, your brand, products and services.  This applies whoever your customer may be; consumers, businesses and even your employees.

Percepta’s Voice of Customer programme helps gather the right information, analyse key data and produce effective plans to make changes across your business that really make the difference to your customer and make you more efficient.  

With the right information, we help you assess the effectiveness of your practices/processes, recognise how open your customer may be to new products and services, educate employees on the value of their role and its impact on the customer, make important changes that reflect what is important to your customer and invest in activities that have the biggest positive impact on customer satisfaction and engagement.

Customer Relationship Centres & Business Assistance (Insourcing/Outsourcing):
Customer Relationship Centres (CRCs) deliver your company and brand message on ‘the front line’ and are the heart of Percepta’s business.

Dedicated teams work on your site as part of your team, or on ours as an extension to your business.  Either way, they are immersed in your organisations values and standards to deliver the best possible service to customers through our case management techniques.  We are experienced in pre-sale services like lead generation, enquiry management, first time resolution and post-sale activity like brand welcome, concern resolution, policy & goodwill management.  Our real expertise and success is picking things up when they go wrong and creating customer advocates.

Our CRCs often incorporate many of our other services as standard – technology, business intelligence, Roadmap development, continuous improvement, change and training.

Business Improvement:
Percepta’s Business Improvement Services take the best of what we deliver in our operations and offer them in modules to help improve your business.  These include one, some or all from; improving customer satisfaction & advocacy, mapping your customer journey & experience, making use of social media, managing Roadmap planning & change, engaging your employees and reducing operating costs.

We will undertake a scoping exercise with you before making recommendations on how best we can help.  We will also let you know where we might want to engage expertise from our partners in order to really tailor our service to your business.  Of course, we retain ownership of the entire service, so you benefit from multiple exerts with one point of contact.


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