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OutsourceXplores Smart Cost Management with KLB Group

Since the onset of the financial crisis cost savings have been at or near the top of the agendas of most organisations large and small across the world. As belts have tightened, the importance of getting the very biggest bang for one’s buck has grown ever greater. This OutsourceXplores series focusses on smart cost management: looking in every part of the business to uncover and excise the flabbiness and waste weighing the organisation down – and, for those responsible for P&L and EBIT performance, this can make the difference between failing to meet targets and smashing through them with vigour...

Each OutsourceXplores is a separate content series created in collaboration with a commercial partner. The Outsource editor retains final editorial control of course. For more information write to jamie.liddell@outsourcemagazine.co.uk

 About KLB Group

KLB Group has a 17-year history of delivering Cost Management results including reducing your Direct & Indirect costs and improving your P&L and EBITDA performance. http://www.klb-group.com


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