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OutsourceXplores the Impact of Big Data with Luxoft

Want to grasp the big data nettle? Our series looking at ‘The Impact of Big Data’ in association with Luxoft will help you do just that. Big data is seizing the IT agenda: as markets push businesses to provide innovative products and services, companies have to figure out a way to leverage the volume, velocity, and variety of data they have access to. However, tackling the big data challenge is not easy, and will require a different approach to implementing IT initiatives. Over the course of this OutsourceXplores series, we'll be presenting both high-level views of the emerging big data landscape with in-depth, granular advice on how to achieve competitive advantage through big data.

Each OutsourceXplores is a separate content series created in collaboration with a commercial partner. The Outsource editor retains final editorial control of course. For more information write to jamie.liddell@outsourcemagazine.co.uk

 About Luxoft

Luxoft is a leading Central & Eastern European application development service provider. For more information see http://www.luxoft.com/

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