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You are here Columnists OutsourceXplores the Future of Finance Outsourcing with ACCA & Grant Thornton

OutsourceXplores the Future of Finance Outsourcing with ACCA & Grant Thornton

Finance & Accounting has been the engine room of the BPO revolution for years, but with the finance function transforming at dizzying speed, and with the drivers - technological, structural and economic among them - behind that change colliding head-on with a huge shift in the outsourcing market landscape itself, the future of finance outsourcing is a murky - dare we say cloudy? - one. In partnership with Grant Thornton and ACCA, and bringing in findings from the latter's recent research project focussing on finance transformation, we investigate some of the key trends in FAO today and look ahead at what might lie in store for the space - and the professionals within it... See below for links to the content published thus far.

Each OutsourceXplores is a separate content series created in collaboration with a commercial partner. The Outsource editor retains final editorial control of course. For more information write to jamie.liddell@outsourcemagazine.co.uk

 About Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton International Ltd is one of the six global audit, tax and advisory organisations. For more information see http://www.grant-thornton.co.uk

 About ACCA

ACCA is the global body for professional accountants. For more information see www.accaglobal.com


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