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Dr Richard Sykes

The Sykes Report

Dr Richard Sykes is a businessman with a breadth of experience that spans the chemical and IT industries and the world of arts. He has held senior executive roles in a major global multinational, and non-executive chairmanships of smaller ventures, and has lived and managed businesses internationally.

In his personal practice he works as a board-level strategic analyst and advisor in information technology and business process sourcing, outsourcing and offshoring. His particular focus is the transformation of classic outsourcing business models by new models based on direct sourcing of information technology and business process services, including through the agency of 'the Cloud'.

He currently advises the independent sourcing consultants Alsbridge on the emergent practicalities of 'CloudSourcing', and the UK Government's 'G-Cloud & Apps Store' initiative. He co-authored the 2007 business book 'Global Services – Moving to a Level Playing Field'. He is an elected member of the Board of Intellect (the UK business association of the IT, Telecoms and Electronics industries), and serves on the European Advisory Board of the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP).
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