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Outsource magazine: thought-leadership and outsourcing strategy | April 20, 2014

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Where Is My Data? (Part 3)

April 17, 2014 |

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Cloud is too important a technological offering to ignore and whilst there are undoubtedly a number of considerations to address, none are insurmountable. Cloud technologies offer a great benefit when … Read More

Contracting for innovation: how, what, who, when?

April 16, 2014 |

Innovation has been prized within business for as long as I can remember. However when applying this science, process and culture to the outsourcing environment, it is clearly still in its infancy. There is seemingly a major lack of understanding … Read More

Where Is My Data? (Part 2)

April 14, 2014 |

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In the USA the Department of Commerce in 2000 created the Safe Harbor framework to ensure organisations put appropriate controls in place for the protection of data, when handling European … Read More

Where Is My Data? (Part 1)

April 8, 2014 |

Cloud remains a hot subject and whether you love or loathe it, it’s not something you won’t have heard of or likely have had pushed your way.

Inevitably, when considering cloud, security questions arise – and certainly in the light … Read More

E-invoicing: still a land of opportunity for SSCs

March 31, 2014 |

Recently, Outsource carried an interesting article by Jamie Lyon of ACCA entitled ‘Do CFO’s “get” technology?‘, asking: “is finance function technology delivering on the promise?”

Having been around business for 30 years, with the last eight in shared services, my … Read More

Q&A: Alexander Reay, ITOSDA

March 28, 2014 |

Alexander Reay is the President of the Nordic IT Outsourcing & Software Development Association (ITSODA). Ahead of the forthcoming Nordic IT Sourcing & Innovation 2014 event, to be held May 22-23 in Stockholm, we got together with Alexander to find … Read More

Firms can still protect themselves from vendor meltdown in Ukraine

March 17, 2014 |

The world has been watching the volatile situation in Ukraine unfold. While everyone hopes for a peaceful resolution for the people there, many companies also have business concerns — like whether any Ukraine-based vendors will be affected. For companies with … Read More

Bringing It Home Webinar: Backshoring vs Nearshoring in association with Centrecom

February 28, 2014 |

Where to locate the various elements of your organisation is an ever-present concern – especially for organisations who already have a wide global footprint and may be experiencing difficulties in some of their offshore locations.

But bringing work back … Read More

Ingredients for European growth

February 28, 2014 |

The economic mood across Europe is looking up; in fact we’ve seen businesses report better performance compared to their competitors in the last two years. As this optimism has grown, so too has the willingness of businesses to invest in … Read More

Why every day is Data Protection Day 2014

February 17, 2014 | 1

Hopefully it won’t have escaped your attention that the 28th of January marked EU Data Protection Day, also known as Data Privacy Day. This awareness-raising event has moved out of the EU in real terms and activities relating to both … Read More