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Recruitment: have you gone global?
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Outsource magazine: thought-leadership and outsourcing strategy | March 3, 2015

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Recruitment: have you gone global?

Recruitment: have you gone global?
Zachary Misko
  • On April 18, 2011
  • http://www.kellyocg.com/web/global/ocg/en/pages/

This is an excerpt from and preview of an upcoming white paper to be released by KellyOCG in May 2011.

Let’s face it: regardless of good or bad economic times, A-level talent is hard to find. The recent global recession has only exacerbated the situation. And while A-level talent has been riding out the labour market Ice Age in an office or a cubicle somewhere, technology and the internet have been changing the game of recruitment at a dizzying pace.

Technology and the internet have made the job of sourcing A-level talent more complex, turbulent and inconsistent than ever before. Take the overwhelming abundance of technology and online talent resources – and compound that with major lulls in global labour markets and hiring freezes across numerous industry sectors – and companies are shell-shocked. Shaking in their boots, stammering for words. You get the picture.

So how are companies embracing and adapting to these game-changers to recruit A-level talent? Truth be told, not very well, if at all. But that’s not to say they aren’t trying. However, here’s what companies must know in order to stay relevant and keep their talent pipeline brimming.

A-level talent is already plugged into new technology. They are savvy and comfortable with using job-search resources via the web. It’s not an exception to the rule. It is the rule. These folks are occupationally mobile. What does that mean? They are the antithesis to traditional labour concepts. And as you read this article, they are already roving the internet, tapping colleagues and looking for new opportunities.

So how do you find and acquire them? The simple answer is: Get on the internet. And that’ll get you as far as a slapped face and bruised pride. The true answer is deeper and messier than that. You are going to have to fully commit to plugging into technology and the internet to source great talent. In addition to technology – people in general have changed.  People want personalised experiences in their job search, faster and easier methods to apply and constant communication throughout the process. You are going to have to build a recruitment toolbox that exploits your website, job boards, social media and networking, online print media and other online tactics coupled with traditional recruitment methods like print, job fairs, cold calling, networking and more – as recruitment is not accomplished through technology alone in your quest for A-level talent. And it won’t be easy.

However, by engaging these new mediums and tactics to source A-level talent along with the tried and true recruiting fundamentals, you will build the visibility and credibility of your employer brand. And when you do that, the tables are turned: A-level talent comes looking for you.

The decision to outsource is growing in popularity, with the proportion of global firms outsourcing all or part of their HR function standing at 46 percent in 2010, up from 43 percent in the previous year. Organisations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (at 56 percent) are more likely than those in the Americas (46 percent) and Asia-Pacific (29 percent) to outsource HR functions.  But what HR functions are global firms outsourcing? Check out the chart.


Yes, here’s the most frightening truth of all: In order to find A-level talent and build your employer brand, you must be engaged and active in all of these tactics and opportunities simultaneously, around the clock. And let’s be honest, if you had the time, money, resources and know-how to do this, you would already be doing it. Maybe you’ve tried some of these tactics to no avail. But chances are you need help.

Increasingly, companies of all sizes are shifting their focus to outsourcing the talent acquisition function. Recognising the need to take a more strategic approach to their role within the organisation, HR professionals realise they cannot (and should not) be all things to all people. This doesn’t mean quitting or that the game is over. Outsourcing allows an organisation to manage and participate where needed, while still providing maximum flexibility.

Companies also need to consider how they can best add value. The complexity of the HR landscape means that many HR professionals are becoming bogged down in transactional tasks, at the expense of more strategic priorities – acquiring A-level talent. Much of the work around hiring is largely tactical, but it is also increasingly complex and moving beyond the capacity of some HR managers. These are the type of jobs that are ripe for being outsourced.

Outsourcing some of the functionality can free time and resources for HR people to start to look at how they are meeting more important and strategic corporate goals. An outsourcing provider should be able to demonstrate their sourcing strategy and capabilities, provide long-term (2+ years) client references to demonstrate their ability to sustain long-term customers. If global solutioning is important, seek a provider that has a global presence to ensure they can effectively adopt the global culture into your recruitment strategy. A provider that is present in all regions, has established relationships and is visible in a large variety of markets is key.

Companies need a vendor who’s plugged into understanding their industry landscape, the competencies a candidate must have to succeed in their organisation, and the quickest way to beating their competitors to the best talent.