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Outsource magazine: thought-leadership and outsourcing strategy | May 3, 2015

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About Martyn Christian

Martyn Christian

Martyn Christian

Martyn Christian is Chief Marketing Officer at Kofax, with over two decades' experience in senior positions and an emphasis on strategic planning, M&A, change management, project management, corporate positioning and branding. Prior to moving to Kofax, Martyn was director, marketing programmes at IBM and CMO at FileNET. He is a graduate with honours of Coventry University where he took Business Studies with Marketing.

Kofax "provides solutions that streamline the flow of information throughout an organisation by managing the capture, transformation and exchange of business critical information arising in paper, fax and electronic formats".

Posts By Martyn Christian

Growth opportunities in the data capture market

September 23, 2011 |

There are huge revenue growth opportunities for the outsource community in the document capture market, some of which I have written about over the last few months.

These opportunities have now been fortified as revealed by the latest findings from … Read More

NHS IT: the public sector outsourcing challenge

August 26, 2011 |

(This column has been written by guest author Thomas Senger, Senior VP, EMEA Software and Solutions, Kofax.)

Efficiency savings are an integral part of the government’s future plans for the NHS, particularly in the face of coalition austerity measures. As … Read More

A roadmap to outsourcing enterprise capture

July 27, 2011 |

Despite the clear benefits of integrating all types of information into ongoing business processes and eliminating paper from these processes, incumbent systems, methods and most importantly, employee attitudes, can make it difficult to know how or where to start on … Read More

What you should look for from a DPO provider

June 22, 2011 |

In the current economic climate, outsourcing service providers are under more pressure than ever to demonstrate to customers the business value their solutions provide. Today, clients want greater cost savings from end-to-end solutions by automating document management processes.

Leading providers … Read More

Taking document management to the next level

May 5, 2011 |

Making outsourced document capture a strategic part of day-to-day operations

Document management is evident in every business today – be it in the form of paper-based filing or an automated electronic archiving system. But many businesses are still failing to … Read More

The role of the digital mailroom in today’s business

March 31, 2011 |

Is the paperless office really achievable?

According to Gartner, the creation of a ‘digital mailroom’ is one of the most dynamic areas in the outsourcing space.

In very simple terms, it is an environment in which the mail arrives and … Read More