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Marika Lindstrom
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Outsource magazine: thought-leadership and outsourcing strategy | March 30, 2015

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Marika Lindstrom

Marika Lindstrom
Marika Lindstrom is VP, Indirect Procurement, Global Supply Management for Unilever. She has extensive experience in leading change management programmes in direct and indirect strategic sourcing organisations. Prior to joining Unilever she held various positions with Nokia during 14 years at the company, working in direct/component sourcing, logistics, indirect sourcing, new technology sourcing and product marketing. She headed Indirect Sourcing and Operations for Nokia’s Americas and EMEA regions, responsible for $3Bn in annual spend and a team of 250 professionals.
She joined AMD to lead and transform AMD’s Global Business Services in Global Supply Management organisation in 2007. Her team was responsible for driving strategic sourcing activity for AMD’s indirect spend globally and to transform the team from a reactive and tactical team to a true business partner organisation. Marika has a PhD in Logistics and Sourcing from the University of Technology, Helsinki; and an MBA from the University of Dallas, Texas.

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