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An outsourcing pub quiz? Whatever next?
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Outsource magazine: thought-leadership and outsourcing strategy | March 5, 2015

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An outsourcing pub quiz? Whatever next?

An outsourcing pub quiz? Whatever next?
Inside Source
  • On October 5, 2010
  • http://www.outsourcemagazine.co.uk

If you were lucky enough to receive the invite, you might just have been witness to the most extraordinary of sightings at the end of September. Sixty men and women representing over a dozen outsourcing suppliers tucked up in basement bar just off Holborn in London, taking part in a charity quiz night.  Yes: a QUIZ NIGHT.

When Inside Source first heard the rumour that [advisory firm] Alsbridge were pulling such a stunt, my  initial reaction was to bend over backwards and let out a mighty guffawwwww… It would never work! My belly ached at the thought of a bunch of boys and girls from some of the most competitive firms in our industry playing nicely together, whilst back in their offices they would be fighting tooth and nail to win the next major F&A deal.

Apparently the night went down a storm and a healthy donation was made to Macmillan Cancer Support as a result of the frivolities. But really, whatever will be next?  A singles night for outsourcing solution architects?  A Scrabble tournament for transition managers?  An “Outsourcing Boys do Benidorm” tour for the younger cads amongst us? That said, whilst my mind wanders to the matching t-shirts and drinking games that such a crazy suggestion would entail, I now kind of can’t help but see the good in what happened in that pub just a few weeks ago.  Whist commercial rivalry is necessary in any industry, it’s also important to see and share a sense of patriotism for it.

So say what you like, this was a smart move on the part of Alsbridge; they’ve just gone up a notch in my pecking order.

Rumour has it they are planning a similar quiz night for outsourcing lawyers. Lets hope they up they up the entry fee, charge by the hour and invoice for all out-of-pocket expenses.  That way they can help line the pockets of a deserving charity and give those legal eagles a taste of their own medicine.