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Outsource magazine: thought-leadership and outsourcing strategy | April 25, 2014

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What are the primary obstacles to the widespread adoption of robotic process automation?

April 23, 2014 |

BPOs are at a critical turning point where they need to deliver cost-effective, differentiated solutions. Clients continue to demand innovation, but are hard-pressed to define what that “innovation” might be.  Robotic process automation represents a dramatically new, exciting way for … Read More

What will be the main ramifications for today’s outsourcing space of the ongoing robotic automation revolution?

April 23, 2014 |

I’ve already re-shored around 300K work items a month from our existing outsource work stack and automated processes using RPA, and at a fraction of the cost of manual resource. Although we’ll always have a need for a manual back … Read More

How widespread do you see the adoption of robotic process automation being within your own organisation over the next 12 months?

April 23, 2014 |

As an ITO we are always looking for ways to expedite while securing quality. For this reason software reuse, software factory and agile methods are in play and being advanced on an ongoing basis, driven by our strategic agenda (not … Read More

What will be the impact upon your organisation specifically of the increased adoption of robotic process automation?

April 23, 2014 |

We hear from suppliers that the BPO industry has been reluctant to embrace RPA as it is often seen as a threat rather than the opportunity it is. If however you are a service provider with a large workforce in … Read More

The Three Laws of Robotics: what is Robotic Process Automation, and what forms will it take?

April 23, 2014 |

Ask five experts what robotic process automation is, and you will get six different answers. This is no slur on anyone’s intelligence or integrity; rather it is a reflection of the dazzling explosion of this idea onto the business scene … Read More

What are the primary supply-side challenges when implementing an RPA solution?

April 23, 2014 |

The dream (or nightmare) of machines taking over large parts of everyday life is neither new nor revolutionary. Literature is full of examples imagining how life could be like in these scenarios, with George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four the most noteworthy … Read More

What are the ramifications for major outsourcing providers of the robotic process automation revolution?

April 23, 2014 |

In April 2013, Source ran an RFI process that asked the major BPO service providers for their views on this whole robotic process automation thing. We had 16 respondents which included almost all of the key players, domestic and offshore. … Read More

How can robotic process automation be implemented within an existing outsourcing relationship?

April 23, 2014 |

At a pivotal time when outsourcers need to differentiate themselves from the competition and create greater margins, robotic process automation offers a new paradigm that provides the innovation that clients are increasingly demanding. The benefits of implementing robotic process automation … Read More

The case for reshoring your processes – or for never offshoring them in the first place…

April 23, 2014 |

What would you do if you had access to twice as many staff at half the cost? This has been the opportunity presented through offshoring work over the last decade or so. The evidence tells us you’d do the same … Read More

How will software transform the legal industry?

April 23, 2014 |

A general counsel, Jeff Carr, once famously described the things that lawyers do as falling into four buckets: content, process, advocacy and counselling. He then went on to upset all private practice lawyers by saying that he wasn’t going to … Read More

Four questions you should be asking about robotics

April 23, 2014 |

Been hanging out under a rock? If so, you may have missed the industry buzz about using “robots” to drive out increased efficiency from manual processes. Definitely a catchy concept (humans truly are annoying) and a potential game-changer.

So what … Read More

IT Applications Services: the challenges today

April 22, 2014 |

A few weeks ago I was privileged to attend a roundtable and dinner hosted by the marvellous Ed Gardner of HCL, at which the IT Applications Services landscape was dissected, analysed and generally mulled over by an assortment of the … Read More

The politics of UK government outsourcing

April 22, 2014 |

British political commentators have been denied one of their traditional occupations: speculating about the date of the next general election. For the first time in UK history the next poll has a fixed date: 7 May 2015. But what commentators … Read More

Where Is My Data? (Part 3)

April 17, 2014 | 2

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Cloud is too important a technological offering to ignore and whilst there are undoubtedly a number of considerations to address, none are insurmountable. Cloud technologies offer a great benefit when … Read More

A marriage made in Heaven or a one-night stand? (Part 2)

April 16, 2014 |

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Every supplier has a core set of services and situations in which it thrives. It can push a certain way outside this and still succeed. Push it too far, and … Read More

Words Failed Him

April 16, 2014 |

Word reaches me of a wonderful – if, for the hapless protagonist, excruciatingly embarrassing – tale involving an unfortunate slip of the tongue… (NB: do not read if you’re easily offended)

A young gentleman in the employ of one of … Read More